I haven't been here for a while, but it looks like I am in the minority here that I think you should leave this neighbor alone and stop taking pictures of her stuff. It kind of makes me feel bad for her, especially if you aren't a friend of hers.

I think it is invading her space, and I know that I certainly would not like someone taking pics of my stuff, posting it, and then messing around with it.

Just my opinion.
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Understood. :-)

I wouldn't touch her stuff. Unfortunately, it's not really her space it's the common space because it's in the hallway.
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If it bothers you that much though, then report it. But it doesn't seem to bother you, since you get amusement out of it. I dunno...just doesn't seem right, IMO.
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I guess it's no different (although I think it's different) than taking pictures of strangers. At least her face isn't out there. I still hate that.

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