I have the oil mix in an applicator bottle I got at a beauty supply store for a little bit over a dollar and apply it an hour before I go in the shower. I massage the scalp from deep within not just rub my fingers over it. I'm not sire if that is the right way to do it but I hope so. I will be measuring my hair again in mid Feb and let you guys know if the oils have made any difference in the growth. Even if it hasn't, my hair looks a thousand times healthier so I can't complain. The reason I don't do it every day is because people have complained about the smell lol. For my first oil mix I didn't have essential oils so I mixed the leaves of rosemary with some cayenne pepper, garlic and onion powder from a recipe I got on youtube for hair growth. It was horrible and made me want to throw up the two times I applied it so I threw it out. ahhh newbies...lol