Hi Marllon,
I realize this is a seriously old post but just came across it today as I was searching for new suppliers for Amodimethicone. First I can clarify on the Cetrimonium Chloride issue you had in the paragraph at the bottom of your post. Many times I see this ingredient spelled Centrimonium along with many other ingredients that sellers/companies spell incorrectly by accident or to try and mislead people so they cannot find these ingredients online.
Your paragraph at the top says that Amodimethicone (and I will refer to PEG 7 Amodimethicone) is water soluble when used with Trideceth and Cetrimonium Chloride. Then in your list that follows it says Amodimethicone is water insoluble.
Actually, Amodimethicone is water soluble without either of those two ingredients listed. If you visit the Lubrizol website and look up Silsense A-21 Silicone under the product tab, Personal Care, Specialty Silicones you can look at three separate formulations for this product(of which I have formulated 2 with a couple changes of my own) and none of them contain neither Trideceth nor Cetrimonium Chloride.
Both of those ingredients are known to prevent build up of silicones and other products that build up on hair. I use Cetrimonium Chloride in several products I make because it is also a great detangler but not such a great conditioner on its own. BTMS would be your best choice for a cationic conditioning emulsifier.......and there really has to be cationic emulsifier and or ingredients in a conditioner formula for it to actually condition hair because cations carry a positive charge that adsorb to the hair strand. Meaning it leaves a little behind after rinse off.

Hope I helped clear up any confusion for any other personal formulators out there even though this original post is a few years old. If you want to clarify on this ingredient or any other you can always email Lubrizol or another company I love dealing with, Rita Corp. Very nice, informative people. I would also refer you to another blogger, swiftcraftymonkey. Her actual name is Susan and she lives in Canada. She is also a personal formulator with a degree in chemistry and she is super knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor also. She also lists many formulas on her blog and ways to tweak them and has several e-books on lotion making, shampoo and conditioner etc. Check out her blog. You wont be disappointed.
NOTE: If you go to her site and type Amodimethicone in the search bar at the upper left of the screen she explains it very well. I noticed some people in other posts were confused about it being water soluble in the bottle but not on hair. She can clear up a lot of confusion. Many products form a film on the hair shaft, not just silicones.

Best regards and happy formulating to all you personal formulators!!

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