Baby Calvin approves! He sniffed it and didn't pee on it, so I see that as a positive paw of approval.

I'll take a picture of it tomorrow in the daylight, it's a dark color and would probably come out funky if I took it inside at night. Y'all are gonna think it's ugly, but I'm ok with that. FIFTEEEN DOLLARS OF TACKY CUTENESS. I'm in love with it.

I told Mr. Spring I needed to take a pic and he said "You gonna take a picture of the ugly side?" He's not crazy about the side with the weird studs on it.

While we were in TJ Maxx and I'm seriously concentrating on sorting through the mess of purses Mr. Spring says "What do ya reckon that was?" and points to the floor where there was some weird brown splotch of...something. Oh my word, I died laughing; so gross!

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