Racist Super Bowl Ad: Jamaica Embraces Controversial Volkswagen Commercial

My main question that I would pose to the advertisers behind this commercial is why didn't you just use actual Jamaicans? I'm not really getting their "artistry" here. I highly doubt that the actors in that video were Jamaican nationals. They could have been but I highly doubt it. To me, when I see non-Jamaicans speaking patois it reminds me of how Black people need to alter their image (to appear less offensive or threatening) to fit in the corporate world. It reminds me of how certain images of Black people are more acceptable than others. It also reminds me of how Black people get skipped over for certain roles in movies/tv shows or positions in the workforce just because it's "more appealing" to be anything other than black. The only Black person in the commercial- you could barely see their face. And finally, it reminds me of how many aspects of Black culture has been appropriated and commodified, and in some cases diluted to appease the masses.

I don't think they meant any harm and I don't think it makes Jamaicans look bad or anything (kudos to them for that, I guess), but this to me is just another example of a racial microaggression and even more so another missed opportunity for a black actor.

I really tried to look at this from an untainted perspective, because I didn't see the commercial before seeing the responses and the media's spin on it. But that's how I feel about it.
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