having body hair is awesome because it means i can offend men without even having to open my mouth

This is some BS right here. Look at how he reacts to her trying to touch his hair!

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I've heard bad things about this guy.

so I'm coming to the conclusion that I cannot drink.
Why? well I get a little tipsy for an hour or two, but right at the 120 minute mark, I get really sick and a migraine. every. time. Sick I mean my stomach feels like its about to have explosive diarrhea or vomit attack. Does anyone else have this problem?

AND it's even when I don't drink a lot, I could have maybe 2 glasses and my stomach would start tripping. Why???

I just contemplated manually throwing up to get rid of the feeling.

That, or if I only had my probiotic pills ( I can't find them) I would over dose on them and poop it all out. It's such a weird feeling in my stomach, I wonder if I'm allergic to something in alcohol.

it also makes my throat feel really phlegmy

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