So i really love this thread. It is something that I have been dealing with for a while now. This February marks 1 year of CG for me. But I am convinced that it is not CG which makes my hair look better. Before CG, I had never used mousse or gel or cream in my hair. I basically washed my hair at night and woke up to loose undefined wavy/curly hair. It didn't look bad, but there was little to no definition. After going to ulta in search of something to define my curls, I bought the deva foam and spray gel. Because of that, I started researching and came across this site and the CG handbook.

I immediately had amazing results, which is awesome. However, because I never straightened my hair or used a blow dryer, my hair was already healthy. So all CG did for me was basically make me use product and learn techniques. Because I use a low poo, these past few months I have been using occasional silicones with absolutely no difference in my hair. My hair is pretty much agreeable to any and every product so long as I apply it correctly.

Personally, I do not like to use silicones because I prefer more natural products; however, it is not because they cause problems in my hair. I know that all our hair is different and silicones may stink for some, but I really think that the techniques we use in our hair make a huge difference. For me, technique matters more than whether or not I use silicones.
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