I didn't know that actually so thanks . I just wonder if my jaw is misaligned a bit and causing it to be painful. I also noticed that at the back of the inside of my mouth where I had my wisdom teeth out I have this weird webbing where i guess my tendons would be and when I open my mouth wide and it pulls. It seemed to have caused the tension in my jaw. I was going to have my boss check it out but I know he doesn't specialize in TMJ. I feel like calling my dentist but I am worried I'll end up paying a fortune for it. I'm confused
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I go to a dentist who does specialize in it. He is one of the leading when it comes to treating TMJ, and has traveled all over the world doing seminars. I have taken care of the first few steps in treatment, but I need $4000 for the next. :-/ It will be awhile.

He has done consultations and scans so far. The next part includes work with a tens unit to see how my jaw reacts and having a mold made. He believes your teeth should be built up or filed down in places to correct alignment. When he makes the guard for your mouth, it factors this in. You wear it 24-7 until your jaw is used to the new position. He makes adjustments during that time, and when he removes it, he builds your teeth up to match. I don't even want to know how much that costs.

He is good, and I will have a perfect smile when all is said and done, if I can afford it. I might have to go another route, though I would love to do this. My dental insurance is no help.
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