Morgan I do not agree with you. My thinking is that so long as there is enough moisture aka water mixed with the glycerin (in my case by way of applying that glycerin containing product on soaking wet hair), the glycerin like a
sponge that is oversaturated will be "fed" and unable to absorb/steal more water from the hair. So the added moisture/water in hair will be "left alone.". You put a sponge in water. It will absorb water up to a point. After it is saturated, it cannot absorb more water. I use my glycerin products even in winter (Wash DC) and do not have a problem. On refresh days I just spray hair with water to revive the curls. My favorite products for my 4a hair (mid neck length if stretched) are Hawaiian Silky Curl Activator (glyc is 2nd ingredient) for "unnatural" product 0) and 3 tbsp aloe Vera gel or flaxseed gel mixed with 1 tbsp jojoba or almond oil and 1 1/2 tsp glycerin.