CS, you may want to try and look up jaw massage, it can be done both inside and outside of your mouth on the masseter muscle; I think there are videos on it if you google. I had one particular spot that I could get my thumb on and really work at that hurt so bad that is now pain free, I guess there was a knot in there. I was also clinching my teeth all day every day so I had to learn the resting position of the jaw and I constantly police myself to make sure I'm not clinching.

I do heat to the side of my face for 1 minute, massage inside and out for about 30 seconds then ice for 30 seconds and repeat 3 times total.

I hope you're able to get some relief.
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Thanks. I have been looking up exercises but they seem to irritate it further. I have been applying some gentle massage along the temples and jaw which soothes it for the time being. I just applied ice which actually was great. I may to the ice/heat switcheroo today along with applying some Oragel to that weird tendon thing in my mouth.

I am having flashbacks to thelio's ball thingy post
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