I had thought my hair was protein sensitive, but I went to get Sally's GVP version of Kpac and I am pleased with the results! I co washed, did the PT and then did RO. Almost no frizz! Curls a little droopy but I left too much condish in my hair I think. Here are the results:

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Very nice! Joico's k pak intense moisture has helped reduce my frizz too. I did an aphogee two step protein treatment before on my bleached ends and my hair hated it so I figured it didn't like protein. But then I kept getting really bad frizzy poof hair when I would DT so I tried doing it with joico one day and it turned out good. Still had frizz but it was super soft and had more volume. I guess it was just the aphogee :-/ ur hair looks great! Reminds me a little of mine

So I decided to try a PT because of excessive frizz i-imageuploadedbycurltalk1359835654.550522.jpg
Medium texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity