I am also a 3a with fine and thin hair. My hair has always been thin (as in, not much of it), even when I was young. My mom has the same hairtype, so I am convinced that it's genetic.

If you are trying to grow your hair out, I have found that avoiding heat styling and taking vitamins is the best route. It can be frustrating because you don't notice results on a day to day basis. But one day you will be comparing your hair to an old photo (or something like that, lol), and you will see that it's grown a lot! At least that is how it works for me. I don't have a magical growth solution to tell you about, but babying your hair, getting proper nutrition, and taking care of your scalp will help.

For products, you want to avoid breakage as much as possible. With our hair type, I have found that I am better off using some styling products with silicones. After not using any silicones and doing the full CG routine for more than a year, my hair was more damaged than ever. It's because my hair is SO fine and thin that everyday things would damage it. I need the silicones to protect the hair. The damage caused by washing out silicones was less than the damage I had from every day stuff when I didn't use silicones. I use and love the Kinky Curly leave-in you mentioned, and I also like Dermorganic argan oil treatment (a serum-like product). My favorite product for hold is PM The Cream (I actually use the generic one from Sally Beauty).
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Nice to know someone here has the same hair as me. I've been trying to follow this CG thing for a little over a month now. Other than my curls looking a lot better i haven't noticed difference in growth or thickness but maybe I should give it more time? My moms hair is fine and long but she has so much hair! When she colors it she sometimes needs two bottles! On my dad's side all my aunts and even my grandmother has or had long hair so genetically speaking I should be able to have long hair I'd think. The fact that I don't and have tried multiple times to grow it out makes me think maybe I have some medical condition? I do have eczema but have never read anything about people with eczema having problems with thinning hair. Anyways here's hoping that the combination of vitamins, avoiding heat and color, new hair routine and finding a stylist that's not so scissor happy my hair starts growing.