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It is pouring snow. It just started 15-20 minutes ago.

I need a sled!! Maybe not. They are now saying it will switch to all rain a bit later, then back to snow.
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I hate it when it does the snow-rain-snow. Makes it a super slushy, gross, slippery mess on the roads.

It's snowing here, but it's not awful.

I'm having so much fun with my commissions, it makes me wonder why I ever stopped painting in the first place!
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Yes, that is a slushy mess. I am not happy at the moment. Forecasters completely missed the mark. NOAA was the only source I trusted, and they were still saying no accumulation today and a high of 44 when we had 2 inches on the ground. It stopped at 3 but we will have another round tonight, and in the morning. I expect 6 or 7 inches by the time it's done.
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