CS, you may want to try and look up jaw massage, it can be done both inside and outside of your mouth on the masseter muscle; I think there are videos on it if you google. I had one particular spot that I could get my thumb on and really work at that hurt so bad that is now pain free, I guess there was a knot in there. I was also clinching my teeth all day every day so I had to learn the resting position of the jaw and I constantly police myself to make sure I'm not clinching.

I do heat to the side of my face for 1 minute, massage inside and out for about 30 seconds then ice for 30 seconds and repeat 3 times total.

I hope you're able to get some relief.
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Thanks. I have been looking up exercises but they seem to irritate it further. I have been applying some gentle massage along the temples and jaw which soothes it for the time being. I just applied ice which actually was great. I may to the ice/heat switcheroo today along with applying some Oragel to that weird tendon thing in my mouth.

I am having flashbacks to thelio's ball thingy post
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Sounds like you have knots in the temporalis muscle. I have success with massaging a spot just above and to the front of the temple (toward the eye) and just above and to the back of the temple (on my hair). When I massage these spots, it relieves any eye and ear pressure I may also have.

Typically, massaging the knots in your face is supposed to hurt more at first. It sucks, but it means you are using enough pressure to actually work it out.
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