Nice to meet you all, I am hoping I can find some help here for my hair.

My username describes my hair, it has always been naturally curly, dry and porous, and the older I get the worse it gets. I also have thyroid issues which makes it even worse.

So, this winter my hair started to dry out to the extreme (even though we have a humidifier on the furnace). I have tried oil treatments, somebody recommended Aestelance and I have been trying the protein conditioner, leave-in and butter for a few weeks now, has not made a lot of difference, just a little. I have been doing the low-poo I read about on here for the past week (which has helped some).

But seriously, every morning before I put leave-in conditioner I spray a solution on my hair (water, coconut oil, and jojoba oil) then I put on leave-in conditioner. I used aloe vera gel to style my hair (which is extremely curly, I wish it would be a little bit less). Even when I can get it to feel softer, it still is extremely frizzy and dry.

I no longer use a brush, only a wide-toothed comb (one of the really big ones).

Trimmed the ends recently (as little as possible but it really needed it), although I am trying to grow it out as it is just easier to stick it back in a barrette or in a pony tail. I really am getting tired of dealing with it.

Usually there are at least a few times per day at work where I go in the bathroom and put water on my hair (because it starts to frizz and I do that to calm it down).

It is so porous that everything causes problems, if the atmosphere is too dry (like at work) it sucks the moisture out. If the atmosphere is too humid it sucks up all the moisture and frizzes up.

The only shampoo I have been using lately is Jason Aloe Vera and I have only used it once in the past week and a half, just on my roots. Although my hair needs something every few days, I did the low poo with the Jason Aloe Vera Conditioner, then finished that with Aussie 3-minute miracle (which used to help my hair a lot but not as much anymore). I also did my 3rd protein treatment today. I also bought some jojoba oil and use that and coconut oil for conditioning treatments (as well as spraying it on every morning).

I don't mind buying products, but I don't want to waste my money on things that are expensive but are not doing much to help. Please can people with really porous/dry/curly hair on here tell me what products really work for my hair type?

I would be eternally grateful for some good advice, and I will continue to read on here and do the low poos and only shampoo the roots when I do normal shampoo.