I would've said 2B because the waves look more like s-es. Love the side bangs. Be careful though. Wen has amodimethicone. It's not a big deal since it washes out with most low poos. I used Wen for five years before I went CG. It's an excellent product but I think overall it did make my hair more wavy, less curly.
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Yeah I was thinking more 2b too. Especially since I started the cg method two days ago, my waves are bouncing back. I am now off the wen. I posted a pic in another forum of the products I now use and I also posted a progress pic in this thread. Thanks I actually straighten my bangs lol..I probably shouldn't but they curl weird.
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Mostly 2B with 2C elements and quite a few random 3A corkscrews in my underneath layer. Re-tested my hair porosity and it is now low. I have fairly dense, medium thick hair.

Use: Shea Moisture Raw shampoo and conditioner, co-wash w/ suave naturals coconut, aussie ausome volume mousse and Herbal essence totally twisted gel.