I love purple hair. It's hard to keep though, isn't it? Same for red. Those colors just wash out so quickly. Once you cut it off I bet with the weight taken off of it you could be a definite 3A though since right now you look somewhere between. It doesn't look grey, however. It looks like little flames.
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Very hard. It washed out in no time! I enjoyed them for all of a week lol. I'm not gonna bleach my hair again. It wasn't worth the damage. I think ur right about cutting it off cuz my shorter hair in front is definitely 3a. It's the longer hair in the back that's 2c. I've always wanted long hair, but that means choosing length over curl To see if it helps I'm gonna cut off the bleached parts when I save up some money cuz I can't find anything less than $50
Medium texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity