Looks very similar to my hair, which is a mix of the two.

I consider myself 2C, because most of my head is deep, thick whirls, with some spiral curls thrown in. I also have a straighter underlayer, a common 2C trait.

In the summer, however, my hair is much more spiraly, springy & 3A, so dew points/humidity are factors.

I hang out on both the 2 & 3A forums to pick up tips. Lots of overlap in methods, techniques, etc.

Hair properties are, as everyone says, more important than "type", since "type" can be flexible. My hair is typical 2C (coarse, thick, frizz prone), but highly porous, which makes finding a moisture/protein balance tricky.

Good luck. You have lovely hair!

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Originally Posted by LadyPlymdale

I never understood the dew point thing. I know my hair hates humid days though. It gets super frizzy. See I think my hair looks 2C in some ways but the front hair (shorter) has 3a curls. So I guess it's too long but I love long hair Anyway, but I don't have 2C properties such as coarse or thick. My hair is very fine and has very little porosity, which is why I go crazy looking for products because EVERYTHING weighs it down even my parents expect me to come home every day with a different product lol and thank u for the compliment