You're welcome. I hope it works as well for you as it did my friend. I have the Yucca shampoo too! I went to the store for the moisture retention one but they were out so I took a chance even though it's formulated for fine hair. If it's been adding volume I don't know since my hair is already bushy but then again I only lowpoo once a week and I haven't used it more than twice. I adore the smell. I also went back and got the moisture retention shampoo when they had it in stock. I love both of those low poos. They work the same for me. How's the conditioner? Do you need a lot? (It's awful they only come in twelve ounce bottles.) Does it have slip? I have the restorative conditioner and I need a lot for my thick hair plus it doesn't have much slip. It does leave my hair very silky though.
3A - C, HP, ME, HD. (Coarse, High Porosity, Medium Elasticity, High Density.)

CG since Nov. 2012

Poos: SM Moisture Retention + Yucca Baobab, TJ's Tea Tree Tingle
Condish: TJ 'sTea Tree Tingle*, SM Moisture Retention* + Curl & Shine + Yucca Baobab, Yes to Blueberries
Stylers: KCKT*, SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie* + Curl & Style Milk*, KCCC*, FSG*, CJ Pattern Pusha, Curl Keeper
Sealers: Jojoba* or Grapeseed* oil

* = HG