hello, i've always had a problem choosing my curl pattern mostly bc it varies through out my head of hair. and even more confusingly i have quite a few clumps that change pattern mid way through, maybe 25% of my hair. it goes from a curl/zig-zag to a coil and then back to a curl/zig-zag. also on most of my strands the ends coil up.

i was jw if anyone else has this problem (i tried to search the fourm but i wasn't sure what to search so i tried curls and coils and well.... yeah)? is it normal or is my hair lacking something? and is there any way i can make it a little uniform.

some examples :

oh and if you need some hair properties i'm med-coarse in texture, low-ish porosity
mod-cj, 3b/3c (spring factor of 5inches), high density, medium thickness and porosity.

the usual / hg: tressme naturals, pm the conditioner, sm smoothie, sm souffle, kccc, aussie freeze.