Sorry you guys had to deal with that, Samanthascurlz and Jaclyn15

I, too, have always strongly disliked hair trims and stylists... with all due respect >_<

Actually Jaclyn15 I taught myself how to trim my own hair, and I can recommend it to you, it's actually very easy and cheap, and I'm SO glad I no longer have to visit stylists. Just wet your hair (no need to straighten it), divide your hair in sections and cut an equal length from each section. Also, don't worry about tiny mistakes, you have curly hair so you can't see it when you make minor mistakes hmmm, that actually makes me wonder why stylists seem reluctant/scared to cut curly hair, I think it would be MUCH more difficult to cut straight hair cuz you have to make sure all hair has EXACTLY the same length... or it looks very bad.

Oh and do not forget: use a trimming scissor not a regular scissor!! Otherwise you damage your hair.
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That would never work for my hair. It needs to be layered and shaped. The new Devachan Curly Girl book does provide instructions on maintenance trims for in between appointments.