I had three yesterday...honestly, the first one is the only one that seemed like it would be a really good job. Can I be honest, the guy interviewing me was ADORABLE and I felt we hit it off a bit and the conversation was very easy. He went on and on about how great the benefits were (I hate when they do that at interviews!) and at the end he said, "I am SO glad we DID THIS!" Hmmm.

The next one would be a short-term job back in the theatre world. This is the one where the guy called me "sweetheart." Ugh, really? Really? I'm a grown woman!

The third was a receptionist job. The hours were 9 to 7 and the woman said the pay wasn't good, but there was room for growth. She might see me as "overqualified" if they can get a person right out of college.

I'm hoping I hear from the first place!

A couple of things are making me chill-out right now.

I don't know how many follow the Say It thread, but I posted about the death of my cousin, who was 8 years older than me, and fighting cancer for over 8 years. He was given 3-6 months to live when he was diagnosed. He was the most astonishing, inspiring person I have ever known and the spirit with which he attacked his illness taught us all so much. He was my cousin's husband, so I've only known him for ten years, but I hit it off with him from day one. We were cut from the same cloth, both like we should have been born in another era. He was one of the best guys I have ever met.

His funeral was today and was absolutely heartbreaking, but at the same time, seeing 600 people in that church who all loved him and were inspired by him just had me thinking about so many things.

I went through a bunch of emails from him a couple of nights ago. He would always tell me how much the random things I'd post and blog about would crack him up, and how funny and witty I was, and his wife (my cousin) told me the same thing today, "He thought you were SO GREAT and SO hilarious" and that meant a lot to me! I know it sounds like I'm "making it all about me", but since I'm talking about how his death has impacted me, then that is what I am doing. If I said or did anything to make him smile or laugh over the past several years, then I know I did something good and that makes me really happy to know that.

And you know what, maybe it shows that writing funny things and making people laugh is my calling and what I need to focus on forever.

Also, I have been reading/watching a LOT of Joel Osteen lately. Yes, he is remarkably cheesy at times, but he makes me feel SO much better. Basically, just keep going and know that everything is going to turn-out great, and that disappointments and rejections are just protecting you from something/somewhere you're not supposed to be. It helps a lot...