so I made a 68 on my test I didn't study for. I'M SO ANNOYED.

I know I didn't study. BUT it was soooooo boring. LD;SGKDHGA;LSDKFHASDHF

This last semester is going to be the death of me, I just wanna quit. Who even cares about educations. They do nothing for no one ever.

OMG. I'm gonna have to pretty much ace everything from now on to get an A in the class. who has time for that??

i wish I was more motivated, but I have senioritis x 234275000000000000


p.s. it's really annoying when you actually want to eat healthy but your job lies to you and you get out of work three hours later than you're supposed to and you don't want to go to the grocery store late at night because it wastes time when you have to get up again at 7 am to work the whole day the next day. So now you're hungry, and you don't even have food to take to work tomorrow so once again you're gonna waste money on unhealthy garbage. I've probably spent 50 dollars on crap this weekend just in meals not as in groceries and alcohol. Eff friendships, it's not worth the money to spend on beer and food and going places. Eff food. I lose weight and sh** gets tighter and my ass gets smaller BUT MY CLOTHES ARE TIGHTER?~????! Y'alllllllllllllllllllllllllll The rage.

And then tomorrow when I get off work, I need to a) workout b) go to the grocery store AND WASTE MORE EFFING MONEY c) study for two exams. If I do all of that it will be 8 or 9 before I can study. I can't sacrifice my runs because I ALREADY DID TWICE to be social. I can't sacrifice any more studying because I ALREADY DID TO BE SOCIAL.

The rage.

I rebuke all friendships until I graduate from College which is a waste of life, dear children, please don't apply. SAVE YOURSELF.

thank you. I hate everything.