No offense taken. The argan oil is actually in the Eco Styler (it's just the version of the Eco Styler I use). I have tried the blue (less hold and my hair laughed), the crystal (clear good), and the olive oil (flat locks). I found it odd that my hair didn't respond well to the Eco Styler with olive oil since it seems to be the only natural oil I can use. I tried grapeseed oil and my hair was flat as a board and this was using it at night sparingly and co-washing in the morning. The look I'm going for is frizz-free. I have found that I have to use the leave-in, olive oil, and Eco Styler to achieve frizz-free. If I leave out any hair lets me know. It looks like a hot mess! I've tried to use less (believe me) that would be easier but, unfortunately, my hair just has a mind of it's own. I envy those people who can use conditioner only. I've even been tempted to use brands with silicones just to see if my hair might respond better with less products but I don't want to lose any progress I've made (been CG since I big chopped). I researched before I cut my hair to know what to do. I started getting relaxers around age 8 or 9. I was 40 before I went natural (41 now). Better late than never. I tried the diffuser again using a suggestion I found somewhere on here to let the diffuser sit for at least 2 minutes in each area before moving. Again, epic fail. It makes my hair hard and frizzy (just an ugly look). Maybe it's the diffuser. I use the one that came with the dryer. Maybe a larger diffuser might work better or maybe this is just my hair's way of telling me to suck it up and get used to air drying.

I appreciate everyone's help. I'm new to the curly world (on my head). My daughter is natural (refused to put a relaxer in her hair). She has beautiful curls that respond to conditioner only (she's so lucky and doesn't even appreicate it in her 11-year-old world; but she will later thus why I won't let her relax her hair).
3C, CG Method, Low porosity, Low density, Medium Width