ok, years ago I went to this salon for the first time to have my hair done and I was natural and I asked her if my hair would be able to get a wrap. she tells me yes. I didn't know any better and she was the stylist. Well wrapping your hair requires moisture and then you going to wrap that wet curly hair around it's self and sit under a dryer. Do I have to tell you all what my hair looked like after it was dry with a bunch of styling lotion on it.

She tried to comb my hair out and instead of her saying well it is not going to work and rewet it and do my hair over she let me walk out the shop like that and me not knowing any better and too scared to say anything I never said a word just left and went home and did my hair over.

BC 12/2008
Current L: BSL
Goal: HL
HT: 3b