This weekend I hosted an engagement party and decided to flat iron my hair for a new look. My goal was hip length and I've reached that now which I am excited about but Im having issues with the length. I like how it looks but it took a very long time to flat iron(which I do about 3 times per year) and it seems to be getting snagged on everything! I was just sitting up in bed and I heard it snag on the sheets! It happened a few times since yesterday. I can't lean back in my chair because it may snag and I've taken such care to get it healthy so I hate when it gets caught on things. It's also so hard to wrap at night because of length and thickness and keeping it neat in the wind and cold is hard, I have to put it in my coat or it just blows and goes everywhere and gets messy and I haven't used a brush in a while just my wide tooth comb when curly.

Does anyone else who is growing their hair find that they are having new issues with long hair? I've always had long hair ( mid to lower back length) but this is even longer.

I love how it looks but I'm almost looking forward to my curly hair again because I will lose some length and it will be more manageable. I don't think I can go any longer than this.
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First congrats!!!! and with your problem how about just pinning it up out of the way when you are getting ready to sit. like keep a clip with you or something like that. or grab it and pull it to the front over your shoulder. this way it will not be in the back of you where you can not keep a eye on it until you are trying to look cute lol

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