He then went on to (again) recommend Botox for my forehead (which would need to be repeated every 3 months)wouldn't recommend stuff just to make money.


He said the forehead wrinkles would "heal" after you use botox for a while, but you have to keep using it to keep from creasing up again.
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the wrinkles don't "heal", it's just that repeated use of Botox retrains the muscle and you don't do the action.

as for every 3 months, depending on how frozen you want to be you can get away with every 6 months with a light touch-up at the 3 month mark. i don't like to be completely frozen, so mine lasts about 4 months. but, again, that's because of my bad habit of raising my eyebrows ALL the time when i'm reading. i work on a computer all day - even co-workers have mentioned to me that i do it. and i can't exactly wear Frownies at the office...

Botox is a LOT cheaper in Canada for some reason; most places in my small city charge $10 a unit. and you often find it reduced to $7.
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