longlivecurls -- i've seen the prices for the jane carter n&s range from $22 to $18.50, vitamin shoppe being the cheapest. i was able to buy it during the december curlmart sale for $16.50. it's 4 ounces, the container is much larger than that sounds, lasts forever. depends on how much you use, you could even get a year out of it. i have to admit i've also been using it on my hands this winter!! and still, i'm not even halfway through it, and i opened this container about 2 months ago. i don't use this product in the mid to high dews, my hair loves moisture in the air. (i think you are allowed to ask once for one sample from the website, it is a one ounce size. and she does have sample packs comprised of several products. i have looked at but not yet tried any other of her products.)

rustina, i used to put it on dry hair if i needed it (last year) and that was okay. now what i've been doing since the fall is i apply my leave in in the shower, then blot the excess water from my hair and scrunch in a pea-size amount that i coat my hands with, on hair, my head upside down, coating the underneath part of my hair. then a pea-size amount for the top side of my hair. then i flip my head up, arrange my hair as it seems to want to go, and scrunch with the wet towel.

you may want to start with less, they recommend a pea size for your whole head. it's always good to start with less. my hair texture is medium, maybe on the coarse side, and it loves product. and this works well. there are very dry days that i might touch up a curl/spot here or there (usually around my face).

i can't say enough how much this product has helped my hair this winter, but everyone's hair is different. it may not work for you.
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