In my quest to find the "right" product I have spent countless hours and money. And while I love reading NC, often I find myself suckered into trying yet another product. More often than not, I don't like the new products!

So, I am thinking of going back to basics and back to past products. I am looking for suggestions as well as sharing on products that you have used for more than 10 years. These are the ones that you have always come back to or rediscover after long absences. They are the ones that work no matter what is "popular" right now.

For me, I always ended up back with Aveda Be Curly even though I know it gives me halo frizz by the end of the day. I just like the "feel" of this product. I use it with Phomollient or Confixor.

I also always have Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam and Super Sculpt in the cupboard. Again, they aren't perfect but have a nice feel.

One "old school" goodie I am trying is Biolage Geele. I am undecided on this one so far.
Using FIA: 2b/2a mix with a few ringlets in the canopy, straighter in the under layer by my neck. Thin in density, fine strands. Normal porosity. Hennaed.

Go To's: Aveda, Lush