Thanks for the replies!

Yes, I do try to stick with reasonably natural stuff, in part because I have a ton of allergies and it's at least easier to identify stuff I might be allergic to if it's botanical. I am def. open to buying online too.

I am using a ton of protein (IAGal's jello-head)--my hair seems to love it, and I can give it a hard hit once a week without even needing to condition after. Most of my hair is...really, really fine. Like, you can barely see it fine.

RE: the whole porosity thing, I'm basing that on the at-home indicators I've read on the boards here, especially the fact that it wets and dries incredibly quickly. I'm reasonably sure about the porosity, less sure about the elasticity.
2a/2b, fine and thin
new wavy!

currently using:
cleansing: BS/ACV rinse weekly
PT: Gelatin PT
Conditioner: Desert Essences fragrance-free
Styling: LOTD Aloe