They make it seem that just have to pop a pill and you are good as new. If it were that easy, you and I wouldn't be talking about it right now. I have taken Savella, Cymbalta and Lyrica. Either they didn't work or they made me extremely sick. I can't take any anti-inflammatory medication due to kidney disease caused by an interaction with Celebrex and another med I had to take for the RAD.
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All the treatments for FM only treat the pain and they are not very successful with that. There's nothing for the insomnia, forgetfulness, spaciness, stiffness, swelling, speech and language difficulties, cold intolerance and never ending fatigue. Even when I do sleep, I don't wake up rested.

If and when I ever have a good day, it's so easy for me to over-do and then have rebound symptoms for day on end afterwards. That's my biggest challenge is figuring out my limits when I am doing well so the next week or so aren't absolutely miserable.
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This post makes me want to cry. I have been to two doctors that have told me i am too young for FM. But i know i have it. I hurt every single day. When it rains, i get a sensation of lightning or electricity flowing through my arms and legs. When its cold, my whole body just THROBS. I try not to complain, but it makes me so angry bc its an illness ppl outside dont really see and they think ill just snap back to my old self and be live and spontaneous all the time. I have been crying about this today. I am always tired. I often feel like im in another dimension, my speech is like a puzzle, ppl don't understand what im saying sometimes, sometimes i completely forget what im talking about, i can't find words. I've been dealing with this for about 2 or 3 years now.

I am also Bipolar and sometimes im confused which one is acting up unless im really hurting. Im hurting right now. I've been in bed all day today. Its to a point i dont want to go anywhere or do anything and im gaining weight. Idk what to do.

I won't lie, sometimes i turn to alcohol when i just can't take the pain anymore. I usually just drink a glass of wine just to sleep. It hurts worse when i lay down after working all day.

Im just so frustrated by it all. Nobody around me really takes me seriously. But it really does hurt.

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