I have no idea but injuries suck especially when you want to run and you're icing and resting and starting slowly and icing and resting and stretching and stretching and starting slowly and icing and resing.

It's sooo annoying.

I have really bad shin splits that are acting up again because I was at work standing??

They make no sense. They pick the STUPIDEST POINTLESS TIMES TO CAUSE ME MISERABLE PAIN, I'll run 6 miles, nothing. A week later casually run a mile, OMG THE PAIN. PUNKS.

I hope your foot get better. I know the pain of annoyance that pain causes.

I want to train for half marathon but I think I'm gonna get aggravated just training for a 10k because my legs won't stop being drama queens.

My dad said to me if I run a half marathon I'll never wanna run again, because it will suck...but Maybe that'll be my retiring run because CLEARLY my body hates what I like to do.