Hit - coco & cream raspberry and rice pudding poo bar (received in january curlkit)...first poo bar i've tried & i love it! hair was soft and it rinsed out well and lathered so nicely. i'll wait awhile to order from this company though.

Hit and Miss: Honey I'm Strong condish softened my hair and made detangling so much easier...but the smell is not for me
last relaxer: june 2010. bc: october 2010.
properties: mix of 3 & 4, high density!!, medium-coarse, protein sensitive, low-normal porosity, cottony, daughter S
hair likes: garnier pure clean conditioner, v05, water & olive oil...that's literally it. so far...
four fat braids every night; moisturize or spray w/ water, seal w/ EVOO every other night.