Hey curlies ok so i am new to transitioning and thanks to the help of dusalocks I know what to expect during my transition. However, my hair is COMPLETELY heat damaged from, almost 14 or 15 years of heat and my biggest problem is styling. I haven't started my transition yet (well i guess a bit because i do not go to the beauty salon anymore but on the other hand i straightened my hair BUT on the other hand I didn't straighten my roots BUT i did blow dry though my roots are not straight) and when i wash hair, it gets a bit curly but only a few parts. My bangs stay straight and so does the left side of my hair. The right is the curliest. Anyway after completely drying (i let it air dry) it turns COMPLETELY puffy and straight, as if no curls ever grace my head Anyway, to give you a visual, there is the picture, only mine is straighter like the straight parts of her hair, mine it like that ALL over. So my concern is how do i style this? I have done my research and it all says the first month is the easiest, but for me it seems like it will be the hardest, what did you do on your very first day of transiting/washing your own hair? How did you style your hair? Sorry for the long read. Thank you for all your help
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Starting Transition YAY!! But Hard Already :(-url.jpg