Are you talking about essentially a dry plop? Or are you using the scarf to tie a pineapple instead of a scrunchie? I'm not quite following what you mean here...

I have had some luck with dry plopping. Thought about misting and then plopping to see if that does anything... Idk.

My husband already thinks I'm nuts. Lol!
The other day I explained something about my hair and he just said "I've really just learned not to ask." LOL!
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using the scarf to tie the pineapple instead of a scrunchie. my entire head is covered except for what's peeking through the top.

sort of like this...

except i don't have the hooded band.
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Monipearl, about that hooded band ... wow! Do you have any idea where you would buy one if you wanted it?

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