Ok you are using a lot of ecostyler, which has a lot of glycerin in it. Glycerine heavy products typically don't fair well in most people's hair in such cold dry temperatures. Also, glycerine tends to hold on to water, which might explain the long dry time. I will say this (and no offense meant) but at the length and density of the hair pictured, there no way it should take you 9 hours to air dry. I think it's the product choice. I have really super super thick dense hair and I can diffuse in 20-30 min. Air drying does take almost an entire day, especially in the winter when the air is dry and can't really absorb much moisture.

There are other gels or even creme products on the market that work similar to ecostyler but might help the dry time. Are you opposed to trying new products? I noticed that most of the products you mentioned are drugstore products. Are you opposed to online products or products at a slightly higher price point? I don't want to recommend products if they are out of your price interest range.
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Extremely thick, kinky curls/coils that have a mind of thier own!!!!
I like my men and my hair....KINKY!!!!
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