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What works best are styles that make all of your hair match. Things like a Twist & Curl, a Bantu Knot Out, a Braid Out, etc. All those styles will make all your hair curly/wavy so you can't tell the difference between new growth and the rest of your straight hair.

here are some links!
Requested Tutorial: T'n'C Curly Fro - YouTube

Tutorial: Curly Nikki's Twist-n-Curl - YouTube

{10} Dry Bantu- Knot out on Transitioning hair - YouTube

Remember to deep condition your hair often and keep in mind that your curl may come back, it may NOT. Have you ever had a relaxer or do you just flat iron? At any rate, it'll be important to keep your hair moisturized, because the hair will get weak and dry. From personal experience, I would also say don't be afraid to just cut some off lol. It got to a point for me where I was just tired of looking at dry, damaged hair. So off with it! lol

hope that helps! let me know
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