It doesn't seem to be working well for me, and I'm trying to identify what the problem is. When I use it, my hair is very weighed down, and I only use a tiny bit (and then rinse most of that out). I'm low porosity, so that could be an issue, or maybe there's a problem ingredient. I'm also still fairly new at all of this, so maybe I'm doing something wrong? Could others say how much you use and how you apply it?
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I don't think it's too heavy for you because I see that you use SM products. I use a lot of really rich products, but don't use the SM products because they are too "heavy" for me--if you can understand the difference.

Some products just aren't for some hair. If you get great hair from other things, that's all that matters.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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