Here's some advice - I hope it is helpful, but I know depression is very complicated and I am not a professional.

First, have you been checked out thoroughly to make sure there is no physical basis for your depression such as low iron or low thyroid?

Second, if there is a bookstore near you with a good selection of books on depression, skim through some of them. See if any of the therapies sound like they might be helpful for you.

Do you have a close friend you can really talk to?
If you are religious, have you considered talking to a religious advisor or praying?

Try keeping a little journal each day. Write about how you feel and why. You need to sort out what is making you so unhappy.

Some people find exercise helpful. I advocate exercise strongly for other reasons but it never helped me when I was depressed. Maybe it would help you.

Some people feel better if they have a pet. Do you think that might help you?

Some people feel better if they help other people. Have you ever volunteered to help others?

For me, what worked was finding someone I could really talk to but sometimes you can't find that someone. Another thing that helped me is a book called "Constructive Living." It is not pro psychiatry at all and the precepts are very difficult to follow but it helped me a lot.

{{{ChiaPet}}} I hope you feel better and here's a small ray of sunshine - Your screen name is very creative - have you thought of doing something artistic? Maybe you need a creative outlet like acting or painting. Please post back and let us know how you are doing. You are not alone!
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Thanks for reaching out, curlypearl and thanks for the hug. I can tell you have a very kind soul