YEARS ago this dryer was really popular:

Unfortunately, Sally's doesn't carry it anymore. At least you can see what people had to say about hat hat dryer, in general. I took mine out yesterday because of your question. Did a PT and sat under it after I styled my hair. Hair was fine, but not as curly. I think it was the product(s) I used and not the dryer. Usually, curls are tighter after PT. There wasn't any frizz. Once again, I think it was the PT and not the dryer.
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Thanks Kathy. The reduction in frizz is really what I want it for, but I just don't wanna have flat top syndrome lol. I still have to think about it some more
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If you want to spend the money on a great professional dryer, I'd suggest the FHI Nano. It gets a lot of discussion in this thread

I keep a $25 dyer at my vacation home. I notice a BIG difference between that and my FHI Nano.
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Is this the one:
Medium texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity