Okay, so I met this guy I like Friday night and gave him my info. Well, he's really excited about me (yay) and really wants to get to know me, and basically he wants to text me all day. And I find him fun and interesting and what not, but literally every time I answer his texts, I know we'll be texting until I tell him I have to go do something.

We're going to lunch tomorrow. Do you think I can bring up at some point that I'm not used to all-day texting, even though I like talking to him? I'm an introvert and it seriously makes me anxious and drains me. I don't want him to feel rejected, but I just can't keep this up. He won't ever be the one to stop the text-stream, and I'm tired of making excuses.
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So you haven't even really had a first date with him yet and he's already texting non-stop?

Or was Friday night the date (after meeting/talking online)? In either case, yikes. That would send my "Need Space" hackles up for sure.

Does he work? I don't see how he'd have the time to text all day either!

That being said, yes, I would totally bring up the issue when you meet him for lunch. I think most sane, reasonable people will understand that people who work during the normal 9-5ish timezone don't have time to text all day long.

I think how he reacts will be very telling!
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My ex and I worked and we were texting nonstop for a couple hours or so the first day I actually responded to him seriously. Finally I was getting tired of question after question so I told him I can't talk/text anymore for now(after I started slowing my response time). I don't think anything really has to be said besides that. So he asked when was a good time to call later and we talked later that night.

We texted a lot just to get to know each other better. We talked and texted probably for a month before our first date. I didn't mind as I wasn't really interested in dating (as usual) at that point.