I find it kind of disappointing that Lizzie's first reaction is that Lydia was behind it all in the first place. But... in character, sadly.

God its awful. We know Lydia was badly hurt by a boy years ago who (I got the impression), spread nasty rumors about her being a slut (probably because she was refused to do anything with him), which everyone, including her sisters, believed. Which I think had a big impact on why she acts the way she does. And then she finally falls for someone again and he does this.

Its so upsetting and hard hitting because this kind of thing happens IRL. I had a friend who had an extremely stressful and upsetting year because an ex-boyfriend who didn't take their break up well starting sending emails out to everyone with private, naked photographs of her. It went on for months and was just nasty. And the police couldn't do anything about it because they were sent from another country or something like that (I never got into the details).

I hope Darcy gets his ass thrown in jail.

And yes, I had become sucked into this show...