Thank you everyone I wish it was curly at the top as well. It looks when since the roots are straight and the bottom is curly.

I feel uncomfortable when my hair is curly. I just imagine it so puffy and frizzy looking but to others it's not.

I might relax one tiny strand I will definitly keep updating!
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Do what you gotta do. if you're that curious about relaxing it might bug you until you try. (I was this close myself.) I think your hair is gorgeous too. Solid 2C/3A ish. For encouraging root curl, it might be good to clip the top of the hair while it's drying. I can only get root curl at the front of my head usually unless I bother to clip. (Which I don't always do 'cuz I'm lazy.)

Devacurl Clip me up & a way - YouTube

Also there was a thread around here about jaw clipping to encourage root curl. Let me google it.

There we are!

Have fun experimenting. I did look up luvmegz. She is gorgeous and has nice hair so I can see why you'd want to try what she's doing. But the home relaxer she used (organic root stimulator) geared towards African Americans so it might be little strong on your hair since your curl pattern isn't as tight as most of theirs. The texture I don't know. It says fine/medium on the box but you may be coarse (like me) so that could add another complication there. The story about my aunt and all her hair falling out is because she used a drugstore relaxer marketed towards African Americans. She got excited because my brother (who had long hair in high school) tried one out and his hair came out very straight and silky. But my brother's hair gradually reverted back to its natural texture after three months and she completely lost hers. Luckily my aunt looks really cute with a pixie cut. Most women do if it's done right and catered to their face shape so worst case scenario. . . Anyways that's why you should proceed with caution. I think a test strand is a good idea. Take it from the underlayers so it won't show on top in case it reacts adversely.
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