I don't know how useful my opinion is, since I have fine, thin hair that just turned wavy in the last few years, and I just recently realized that I need to treat it differently than when it was straight. My whole life I have used little or no conditioner because all the experts say too much conditioner will weigh down fine, thin hair. When I read Curly Girl, I started experimenting with using a little more, and a little more, and the more I use the curlier and thicker it looks. So I am new to conditioner and I don't have much to compare SM with. I use maybe 4-5 squirts, which is a lot for me, but I need more when I use Suave coconut. It also feels more slippery/oily than the Suave, but it is just as easy to rinse out. And I just love the smell.

I keep looking at the coconut hibiscus line, but I'm afraid to buy because it specifically says for thick, curly hair.
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Funny I used to wish my hair would turn straight but now I'd be sad if my curls up and left me.

Why don't you go buy the C&H product from Target or Walgreens? I believe they let you return it if it doesn't work out. The smoothie itself is very, very rich (and my hair likes it) but the curl & shine milk is supposed to be a lighter version. Maybe it's comparable to the yucca milk.
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