Its the Head and shoulders!!! Your hair looks like mine when i used that stuff.. I Also used to straighten to not have to deal with it but i had to shave my head due to the damage.
Relaxing at home is like bleaching to the 10th power in out latina hair believe me! your hair will brake off and be very weak!

I second the motion to try CG or you can switch your shampoo conditioner to something more moisturizing and do a treatment i have very coarse hair that was frizzy due to dryness , I could hear my hair's crunchy-ness.

if you want low maintenance you can do it with curly hair wash with conditioner , use a leave in and put gel in it your hair can stay like this for 2-3 days and you can also do your routine at night. It takes a little time to get your hair to recover but once you get your routine down its easy.
Melie. 2c Coarse Porous(damaged) Learning to battle The FL humid weather, but I love it here!!!
Trying CG as of 7/8/11

I will try anything on my hair!

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