My HG product is Mesocopper spray. (Just google it).

It is absolutely amazing. I am 54 years old, and have yet to find anyone who thinks I'm over 42-45 or so... and I just started using it in the past year.
The nanoparticles of Copper evidently spur the formation of collagen. I do three quick sprays on my face and one on my chest 2x/day... I can really tell when I forget to do it.

I also like Olay total effects 'mature skin therapy', as I'm post-menopausal, YMMV. But I think the Mesocopper is a HUGE find.
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I did google it and bought it. I have been using it a week now. After 3 days my friend told me my skin looked beautiful and I hadn't even mentioned it to her. I had already been thinking my skin looked pretty good. So a big THANK YOU.

I do have one caveat though, generally things I start out liking end up disappointing me. But for the price and the results so far I am very happy.
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Are you still loving the MesoCopper?
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Anyone else try the mecoscopper or still loving it?
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I'm curious about the mesocopper spray too. Any updates, ladies?

I just bought some magnesium oil to try as a general wellness thing. Been reading up on magnesium deficiency... Sigh.
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