There are natural remedies for depression that have less side effects than prescription medications. I take THORNE RESEARCH - Deproloft-HF - 120 caps [Health and Beauty]: Health & Personal Care because it is one product that combines quite a few different natural substances that individually are believed to help depression. I can really tell a difference with it. I sleep better and when I sleep better, everything improves! I can also tell that my mood has improved: I no longer have that constant overwhelming feeling of dispair.
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Thanks goldencurly. I have a bottle of Deproloft in my cart right now. Do you happen to take St. John's Wort with it as it is not part of the formula anymore?
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No I don't take St. John's Wort. I tried it on its own years ago with no success. I starting taking the Deproloft-HR hoping it would be great on its own. It has significantly improved my quality of sleep. I no longer wake up beserk and cannot go back to sleep. It lifts my mood and settles me down without making me feel like a zombie. I actually am calmer with more energy on it! This is the best I've felt in some time.

I don't know if brick and mortor stores carry Deproloft. I buy mine from I wish they had it set up on the automatic thing so it would just come every month!!!