Saris you be the grand wizard of truth.

I now have a fever of 102 I got it down earlier to 98 before I went to bed but its back up. I'm under literally 4 blankets and am wearing a jacket and sweat pants as pajamas and I'm shivering. I only have expired codine and ibuprofen.

I also have two tests, I swear my life is a joke. This can't be happening to other people. I think the rule of the land is every action has an opposite and only opposite reaction and that opposite reaction is horrible. I try to be optimistic but how in a world of lame and ugly?!

I wish I could skip my test tomorrow but my teacher only allows it 48 hours in advance, sorry dude. Ugh

My wet towel on I'm forehead is...dry after 10 minutes. Ya gotta be kidding me.

I never get sick!!! I should of known I was sick when I noticed my feet stink. I never wash my feet only casually in the shower when water sprays on them and my feet have never smelled

OMG I'm dying!!!! :,( :,,,(
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First me now you. I'm totally blaming the over-abundance of ugly! Obviously the sight of it all is making us sick!

Aww, I feel for you. I had a fever for basically two days. I was freezing and under covers, but then I would feel the intense heat radiating off my skin. It was weird.
Feel better soon!