I've actually been wondering why she's allowed to have that stuff out in the hallway of an apartment building. To me, she's invading everyone else's space. It would very much annoy me if I lived near her and had to maneuver around it all the time. And I'd feel bad if my grocery bag knocked over one of her baubles and broke it. And then I'd be mad for feeling bad and would go back to being annoyed. : )
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Yea I can kind of see this, but it is also right in front of her doorway.

I find it amusing that people are amused by it lol. To me it looks like she's just using that space to put her junk instead of a garage or near the front door like I do. My stuff is probably more random than hers.

It is unattractive/messy though to do that in a public space. It really wouldnt bother me unless food started rotting and was attracting bugs/rodents, ew.