Yikes you guys! lol

just letting you know that I see this thread and I've called a meeting TODAY to discuss all of this. What I'm supposed to do as Community Manager is communicate all this info to the appropriate people, as I am not on the ad team, the tech team, etc. I do not know what is possible, and what is not at this point. I will keep you all posted, probably via an Announcement on CT just because there are many of these convos going on and I want to kind of reign all this feedback into one, neat place.

As far as Curly Gurus, I know you can click "hide" and you will not see them again. But I am suggesting that the gurus gotta go altogether.

Thanks for your feedback! There are thousands of CurlTalkers and conversations going on and 3 admins/moderators. Organized communication takes some time, but never hesitate to directly message me. Several people have done that already, just to alert me that a thread is poppin' lol

Thank you for your patience and please don't go!
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